You must first realize that the researchers who are looking for cures are funded by pharmaceutical corporations. These researchers are looking for pharmaceutical cures (symptoms management) where they can find a patentable compound that will help a person with an IBD. They are simply seeking a patentable option where they can make money from as they are a company and they are responsible to their shareholders. Thinking from a business perspective which option makes more sense: 1. show people diet modifications, lifestyle changes etc can allow a person to become med free or 2. provide a product that you can have a IBD patient take for months and years at a time? This is an easy answer for the corporation because they are in the business of making money not providing options that don't benefit their shareholders bottom line. You have to realize they have created a cure complex that will not result in a real cure as it does not make financial sense for the people looking for the cures. This is true for most diseases where we hustle to spread so called "awarness" but really where does awarness get us? We raise billions of dollars for these non profits who say they are funding cure research........yet we have no cures.....There is a point when you question the system and realize it is flawed. I did not want to believe this in the beginning but when I reviewed the facts there is no way I could honestly believe the medical establishment would find a real non profit cure. There is simply a conflict of interest on their behalf.......... the system needs to change!
Do they Want us to get better? (cure complex)
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I think this is a fundamental issue that we all need to address. It is best to use rational thought not what you feel etc I will give you my summary to date and I encourage you to research, use critical thought to arrive upon your own decision. If we look at IBD's like Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Cholitis or other colitis types how far have the treatments really come? What kind of cure are they seeking. A Profitable one!
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