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This ebook-document started out a small project when I first started documenting healing remedies and has grown quite a bit. I created this document and this website because I do not want anyone to feel like there life is over and they are stuck with this "shitty" disease. The truth is there are so many people joining the med free ranks that eventually the choice of medical system's approach or the less invasive natural approach IBD healing will be a NO BRAINER lol I think anyone researching alternative protocols you have to be diligent and arrive at a decision that you feel is best for you. This document is my version of what worked for me and has helped many people along the way. I'm not saying this is the only way as I believe there are multiple paths to med free living and I encourage you to continue researching, talking to people so we can find awesome healing protocols to help more people. Please keep me updated with your results! Incurable? perhaps using their thinking but MED FREE remission is just as good baby!
 I'm very happy you have decided to download this free e-book. The things in this e-book have changed my life dramatically. It has also has had the privelage of helping lots of people along the way acieve med free status. I'm truly honored to have given over 5000 copies away to date.
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Also After reading this entire document if you would like to put our heads together to work on a game plan feel free to drop me a line. I'm truly willing to help anyone that is ready to make a serious commitment to improving their current condition

-Jay aka Crohnsboy :)