that all my hard work and research paid off because I'm med free and loving life. I'm speaking from the heart when I say don't let anyone tell you that you are stuck with this disease and your life is over etc. I remember people telling me that I was lucky, perhaps my case was not as bad (even though my medical records show severe crohns colitis) regardless what people say I know many people can achieve med free status. I have spoken with so many people over the past 3 years who are med free with IBD's and I get gitty everytime I read an email of them telling me so. Regardless of what the system leads us to believe etc All these med free people out there should be all the proof "we" need. This disease has given me a new perspective on life which is to enjoy it to the max, spend more time doing the things you love, spending it with people you enjoy who add value to your life, learn new things as you will be amazed at what you are truly capable of. I'm not trying to boast by being med free in this video but I want you to know I remember being sick as hell, wanting my life to be over.... I was on the other end of this commputer.If a dude with severe Crohns-Colitis untreated for 7+ yrs can regain his health why can't you...?
Jays Awesome times after overcoming his severe crohn's colitis......incurable? says who..
I thought I would share some amazing times that I have had after overcoming crohn s disease. I remember being diagnosed and thinking can you die from crohn s disease? and when I searched the net I found so many harsh examples of death, crohn s surgeries, complications of colitis that it scared me to death. I had my mind set that I would find a Crohn s disease cure and will overcome this brutal disease. Well the great news is
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Can you die from crohn s disease & Colitis Death

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