After lots of time thinking I have decided to STOP email contact for answering questions about protocols, SCD questions, setting up game plans etc. have been receiving about 200-350 emails every week, spending 15-20 hrs. a week on phone consultations, free of charge and it's become very overwhelming on top of my 2 jobs and family obligations. This was a hard decision to make but I know that I must focus on making health my career and reducing time I spend on calls and emails will help drastically. There is nothing I enjoy more than learning about health and helping people overcome their health issues and I look forward to making a career out of this passion. In the next year I will be taking some courses in: integrative health, Gerson therapy, public speaking, and writing. I have set up lots of free resources on the site including my IBD DOC which will provide lots of info if you read through the information. I will be adding more information to help give people as much information as possible to help them overcome their IBD, or at least put them in the right direction. For the people who are looking for One on One IBD improvement Game Plan Coaching I will start charging for these services and you can click on the Consultation Link for more information. I'm not looking to become rich but rather to supplement my income-time so that I can make helping people my career. I would be the happiest dude in the world if I could expand my message and knowledge to diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, name it. One day I will have a few sites that provide free information like this one so that people can overcome their diseases on their own terms.
Starts with a Dream
My take CURE/Remission
*Other IBD Treatments* that have worked
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Do THEY want us to get better?
Healthy Mind
Colloidal Silver
IBD improvement document
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Crohn's disease cure
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Emails You CAN send me:

Tell me about you're experience trying a specific protocol (if med free), Consultation info, info I may have left out, med free stories, suggestions to improve the site, where to go for something I mention in my IBD Improv Doc, and of course to tell me how awesome I am mwuahh :)
You can send me an email BUT please try to make it short and to the point as it makes it so much easier on my end to respond. I'm not a grinch I will do my best to respond and TRUST that you will read this info before you send me an email. Thanks for your time and consideration and hope that the site has helped you in some shape or form.

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