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Volunteering with Crohnsboy.com
For anyone visiting this site you will see that I'm not about making money which can make it hard to get this done at times. This is why I have decided to ask people to volunteer their time or services if they believe they can help out. I know that some people can't donate money because we live in hard times and if you can offer any help than drop me a line anytime. This site was built to help people and that is the only objective! You can be part of this and you will see how good it feels. Please see below for some of the things you might be able to help with. For anything not below send me an email with your ideas, suggestions and things you believe you can contribute.
Help spread this movement to as many people as possible!
Help with new free e-book featuring 20-30 med free people
 Website design, social media networking tools, video editing
Graphic artist, create newsletter, google optimization strategies
 Spreading the word about the site through word of mouth links on your facebook, twitter accounts etc
Fundraising campaigns, how we can get more people to visit this site,
I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to show interest in helping and look forward to speaking in the near future. We will show the world that you can overcome your IBD!
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