*Living with Crohn's disease*

Do they want us to beat Crohn's disease or Colitis??

IF we look at Crohn's disease and Colitis alone they contribute upwards of 2 BILLION annually in medication revenue that is INSANE. I ask you honestly do you think that any company is going to want a natural way of treating crohn's disease or colitis, or any IBD cure to get out on the market?? Especially one that is almost free!! just a change of lifestyle?? Do you think taking a few billion dollars away from their sales is going to make them happy...probably not. These companies will stop at no extent to hide these methods and make sure they are not marketed on larger levels.

The medical sector of the economy is HUGE Medical spending is approx 16% of the United States GDP, spending on prescription drugs in 2005 was 188.5 BILLION!!!! The sad truth is that more healthy people would not be good for the economy. In Canada & the US we are 2 of the richest nations in the world yet we suffer some of the most diseases in the world, while third world countries are poor but do not suffer from high rates of diabetes, cancer, IBD diseases and many other diseases...could this be linked to diet or perhaps our lifestyles??

I do not have all the answers I just want to show you that you have to question people and the system. When you are in need of help think would my doctor benefit if I was healthy and nolonger required his/her services?? When your are consulting someone for help find out if their motives are solely financial or is it coming from the heart? Usually if someone is giving you advice and they do not benefit financially chances are that there is some truth to what they are saying. Every rule has its exceptions, time is money so you will meet peeople that really help people but charge for it as they also need to make a living. Just ask a lot of questions or verify sources etc as you will usually uncover the truth one way or another .
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